Salina Boat Rental

Noleggio Barche SalinaSALINA BOAT RENTAL

Why rent a boat?

Taking a boat tour around the island is definitely an unmissable experience for those who decide to spend their holidays in Salina.

Renting a boat will allow you to take a tour around the coasts of the island and to see very suggestive corners not visible from the ground, visiting the coves and admire the splendor of the island of Salina.

By renting the boat you also have the opportunity to reach the other islands of the archipelago since you don’t need a boat license. Of course, boats with a boat license can also be rented on request.

  • Lance 5.00 m 20HP 5 pax engine
  • Lancia 5,70 mt 20HP 6 pa engine
  • Mot. Marinello 5.40 m 40/60 HP engine Port 5 pax
  • Mot.Sessa Key, wide 19 5.80 m, engine 40/60 HP Port 6 pax
  • Mot.Marvel 19 5.85 mt engine 40 / 60HP Port 6 pax
  • Mot.Yanmarine 19 mt. 5,80 motor 40 / 60HP port 6 pax
  • Mot Samoa mt. 5,80 motor 40 / 60HP Port 6 pax
  • Mot.Gaby 19 mt. 5.60 engine 90HP Port 6 pax

The rental starts at 9:00 in the morning and ends at 19:00 on the same day

All rentals that start at intermediate times always end at 19:00

The boats are supplied with a full tank of fuel excluded from the rental price, on return you pay the difference in actual consumption.

All boats are equipped with awning, ladder and sundeck.

In case of adverse weather conditions, if the boat has been rented daily and you cannot go out to sea, the rental day is not paid, if instead it is a long rental and a discount has been made the boat is considered empty for full.

We also rent with the driver.